Pop Slots free coins: where and how to get them online

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Pop Slots free coins and chips to play

Facebook lets people not only communicate and exchange videos and photos. It helps those, who are not yet ready to gamble at a real casino, but like the gaming process. A bunch of free applications where fake (play) money is used are offered there, and Pop! Slots is one of them. This Pop Slots Facebook game that is available at Google Play and iTunes gives Pop Slots free coins to all players, registered at FB (those, who enjoy casino play with no obligations). Besides, a bunch of sites devoted to gambling offers gamers collect these coins to play with them as long as it is only possible.

Pop Slots free coins for FB subscribers

There are many identical applications provided by FB. Like Pop Slots free coins, House of Fun, myVegas, free Slots Vegas and other casino games that can be played with no real money are available there. Registration in these casinos is never needed, in case, when a person has a FB profile. He can log in to the free Slots Pop casino using his Facebook data.

The principle of all of these games (applications) is actually identical. These slots are available as an app version and not via the Facebook app on the desktop PC. Pop! Slots are the typical slot machines. The free coins Pop Slots amounts are huge, and after a few days of playing one can reach sums that he can only dream of in real Vegas casinos. However, the golden coins that are really at stake are increasing steadily.

How to get free coins in Pop Slots

There are several ways to do it easily. The initial bonus coins can be finished quickly (when a person plays for a very long time), so he can do the following things to continue a no-money game:

  • Collect Pop Slots free coins each time he wins: Pop Slots free chips are also given to regular players;
  • Get them from Free Chips Fan site;
  • Go to Pop the Slots site and collect them there, etc.
    • Players there can also push each other bonus rounds or colored balloons which they have to burst with a click. This, in turn, collects golden or red coins. The more coins are collected, the higher is the level of the player. If the person is not happy with all of these chips that can be collected for free, he can always buy them paying real money for the fun he will get for several dollars. It is cheap always, and once a gambling person buys these coins for the game, he gets additional cool beneficial awards. Besides, every player has a great chance to chat with other online gamers using this app for free.

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